Shiraka Training Programme (STP)

The Shiraka Training Programme (STP) is part of the Shiraka Programme, which has been developed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to support sustainable democratic transition in the MENA region.

The training programmes are open to participants from the following countries: Algeria, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Oman, Palestinian Territories, Sudan and Tunisia.

STP objectives

The Shiraka Training Programme (STP) is an instrument for implementation of bilateral relations between the Netherlands and eligible countries at government level. The objective is to train senior public and semi-public officials on matters relevant to furthering a sustainable transition in the MENA region. An important aim is to create networks by bringing the participants together in the Netherlands. The programme also aims to increase and improve bilateral relations between Dutch line ministries and their colleagues in their respective countries. Some training programmes also invite people working for semi-public organisations. 

STP training courses

The STP consists of two-week training courses on transformation-related issues, particularly concerning the democratisation and constitutionalisation of the target countries.

Each course includes three parts:

  • a theoretical component
  • a practical component aimed at developing skills (e.g. project cycle management, SWOT analysis, drafting policy papers, presentation techniques)
  • site visits

As of 2021, registration for the following STP training courses is open:

  • Administration of Justice
  • Communicating with the Public
  • Ecosystem for Entrepreneurs
  • E-Government
  • Energy Transition
  • Legislation
  • Trade Promotion and Economic Diplomacy
  • Water Management
  • Food Safety
  • Local Governance
  • Public Finance Management
  • Social Affairs and Employment